In today’s world, at least in the USA, people have forgotten our country.

I feel there is to much emphasis on being politically correct, or whatever you like to call it. It is to the point of actually taking down our country’s stars and stripes and replacing it with Gay Rights flags. Now, don’t misunderstand. This is not about Anti-Rights of ANY status. It is about PRIDE IN THE USA.

It does not matter whether you are Gay, Black, Green, Purple, White, or any other group you “belong” to. If you enjoy the rights to your freedom, then how can you have a distaste for the very country that provides those rights? You “belong” to the group of AMERICANS first!

I can not imagine that there is an American family that has not lost at least one member in a war, defending our great county. That being said, how can you turn your back on that family member? Those lost defenders gave their lives for our great rights.

Please remember this the next time the National Anthem is played, or the Flag is presented at the next parade or event. Standing with a salute, or hand over your heart is not a sign of surrender to the issues you may have with the governing members of the Government. It is a sign of RESPECT for the country that gives you the right to have FREEDOM!

People generally look back in time to a “simpler time” with fond memories. One of the reasons those times seem so appealing is because we all were united in our love for the USA. I wish we could all get that unity back. 




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