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10310 E Apache Trail, Apache Junction, Az 85120

(Eastern Phoenix) 




Contacts:       Dave At (602) 510-5444       

                           Jordan At (602) 550-0654                                                            





HD TRUCKS & EQUIP LLC is located in Apache Junction, Az  (Eastern suburb of Phoenix).

We strive to include the information you need to make a purchase decision. We are willing and able to take additional photos and videos to aid in long distance purchases.

We offer after hour and weekend appointments, to accommodate inspections and out of town drivers to take delivery of purchases. We provide a complimentary airport pick-up during regular business hours, and by special appointments. There are 2 Airports to choose. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, approx 45 minutes away. Phoenix-Gateway Airport in Mesa, Az which is approx 20 minutes away.

HD TRUCKS & EQUIP LLC has extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive / truck industry. The Managing Members have over 60 years combined expertise in this field. We know how to help you be profitable and cost effective.

Our goal is to provide quality, government, fleet, municipality and utility company assets. We make every effort to provide exceptional, low mileage / hour units, at fair market values. We never charge a Dealer Fee, Title Fee, DOC Fee or any other profit driven charges.

FUNDING FOR LICENSED BUSINESSES                                                                                        HD Trucks & Equip LLC is not a lender. We do not request nor receive any compensation from lenders. We feel our services should include assistance to clients in finding reliable funding companies. We never ask for or retain any client private information, other than required by the Dept Of Transportation regarding transfer of title. We gladly provide a list of 3rd party funding companies for our clients to contact. All conversations, agreements and documentation remains between the client and funding company.

CLEAR AND SIMPLE SALES/PURCHASE TERMS       HD Trucks & Equip LLC believes that our clients deserve the best value for their hard earned money. All of our sales are on an AS-IS basis. We do not overcharge in the event an unforeseen situation arises.  If a dealer will pay for unforeseen events, obviously those funds came from the initial, over priced purchase. We provide the lowest fair market prices when compared to equal quality of units.To help avoid unforeseen issues, HD Trucks & Equip LLC obtains inventory from sources that we all believe have the capability and funds to properly maintain those units. We specialize in Government, Fleet, Municipality and Utility Company assets.

SALES TAX IS COLLECTED PER ARIZONA STATE STATUTES                                            Arizona has reciprocating agreements with most states that charge a Sales Tax. The Sale Tax Rate at our site is 6.3%. If the state that the purchase is going to be registered in has a higher tax rate, the client will only pay the amount over the 6.3% rate to their home state. If the home state is lower than 6.3%, Arizona will only collect that home state rate, and the client will have no State Sales Tax due in their home state. Those states with no sales tax are completely exempt of Arizona tax. HD Trucks & Equip LLC will provide the client with the exact Tax due and payable, directly from the Arizona Dept Of Revenue. This does not apply to any City or County or other Tax the client may be responsible for in the home state.

TRANSPORTATION OF PURCHASES                                                                                              HD Trucks & Equip LLC is not affiliated with any shipper or transportation company. We do not request nor receive compensation from shippers. We have compiled a list of companies that our clients have used successfully to have their purchases shipped to them. We weed out the companies that have not provided 100% satisfaction to our clients.

INSPECTIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS                                                                                             HD Trucks & Equip LLC is not an inspection or certification company. It is the sole responsibility of all buyers to perform all due diligence prior to any purchase. All units and components of those units are Sold AS-IS. The buyer is responsible for having all units inspected and certified, if necessary, prior to putting any unit into service. Most of the sources we obtain inventory from are exempt of normal certification requirements. In the event we know of any certifications, we will provide them to the buyer.