GVWR refers to Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the total weight a vehicle can carry, including it’s own empty weight. As an example, if a truck with a 26,000 GVWR weighs 14,000 lbs empty (including fuel and occupants), the cargo will not be able to exceed 12,000 lbs.

If this rating is exceeded, there is a risk of being under powered for inclines and pulling loads. Additionally, the braking system is designed for the stated GVWR of the vehicle and may fail especially in a down hill situation. Excessive overloading may result in actual frame, body, axle and other failures. These failures will result in large repair bills and even total vehicle unrepairable damages.

Another weight rating to consider is CGVWR, or Combined Gross Weight Rating. This is the the total amount of weight a vehicle is capable of, including the truck, all loads plus a trailer and the trailers load.

These ratings are set by the vehicle manufacturer and not normally upgraded.

HD TRUCKS & EQUIP LLC strongly recommends to NEVER exceed the factory ratings. You may contact us at phone (731) 435-1605 for further advice and information.

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